Who is the Most Prominent Home Builder in Australia?

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In the most recent Housing Industry Association (HIA) survey, Metricon Homes is Australia’s most prominent home builder. It topped the list for the past five years, climbing from number 63 in 1993/94.

The company currently builds in Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia, offering a range of home designs and land packages. Hutchies, tiny home builders company, is the second largest home builder in the country, with a national footprint and more than a hundred employees.

Who is the Most Prominent Home Builder in Australia?

While apartment construction is declining, detached home construction continues to increase. Last year, a record number of dwelling starts were recorded. According to HIA, most of the top 100 builders will increase the number of dwelling starts in 2020/21. Detached home builders also dominate the list, with Hutchies in the 5th position.

Who is the Most Prominent Home Builder in Australia?

The list also features Metricon, a privately-owned property development and construction group that began in 1999. With a workforce of more than 200 people hill house singapore, the company has built more than 8,000 apartments in 40 Sydney suburbs and is on track to finish over $2 billion in work. It is currently undertaking three major projects: the Highline in Westmead and the Banks in Rockdale.

G.J. Gardner Homes was established in 1983 as an independent building firm in Queensland. Since then, the company has expanded to over eight regional offices and builds a thousand custom homes annually. The company has become an iconic name throughout Australia and North America and has won over 150 major home-building awards.

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