What is the Difference Between a Step Stool and a Step Ladder?

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A step stool and a step ladder are both great pieces of equipment that make it easier to perform many different jobs in and around the home.

The two tools differ in several key ways. These differences make it difficult to tell them apart unless you know exactly what you need.


A step ladder is a portable tool that can be used to access areas such as the ceiling, to fix fans, replace bulbs and clean up high areas. It can also be used outdoors to access gutters and tree branches of shorter trees.

A step stool, on the other hand, is halfway between a ladder and a stool and can be used for reaching targets that are at heights between 2m and 3m. It is usually used indoors to access items from higher shelves, change light bulbs or hang wall art.

When choosing a step stool, consider its weight capacity (the maximum amount of weight it can support). Look for a model warehouse step stool that is made from aluminum or steel. These are sturdier than other materials and have extra safety features such as rubberized feet and locking latches.


A step stool is a tool designed to help you reach items that are a little higher than your natural reach. It can be used for everything from taking out the trash to getting to a top shelf in a cabinet.

A ladder, on the other hand, is an A-shaped tool that consists of anywhere from three to 12 steps. This allows you to reach heights that are much higher than your natural reach.

In addition to its size, a step ladder is usually heavier than a step stool. This is because they are often made of aluminum or fiberglass.

A step stool is generally lighter than a ladder, which makes it ideal for indoor use. However, if you need to get to higher heights in an outdoor setting, a ladder is more suitable for the job.


A step stool is a smaller self-supporting ladder that is usually foldable for easy storage. It is used when extra height is needed to reach overhead safely but when a full-sized ladder is not necessary.

Step stools are available in a variety of different styles, designs and colors. They often have one, two or three steps, and can be made from plastic, metal or wood.

They are also lightweight and portable, making them ideal for use in tight spaces or when moving around frequently.

They are primarily meant for indoor use but can be useful in outdoor settings when a higher reach is required. In addition, they are often easier to maneuver than ladders in tight spaces.


A step stool and a step ladder are both great tools to have around the house that make many jobs safer and easier. However, they differ a lot and you need to choose one based on your needs and safety requirements.

A ladder is generally a much larger, longer and heavier piece of equipment than a stool, allowing you to reach heights far beyond your natural reach. You can use a ladder outdoors to access gutters and tree branches, or for building, cleaning or repair work inside.

A step stool, on the other hand, is typically smaller (usually a single or two-step stool), usually made from plastic or metal and often folds up to be stored compactly in your closet or garage. These stools are most often used for indoor tasks such as changing light bulbs, reaching high cabinets or shelves and hanging wall artworks.

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