What is the Concept of Clipping?

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Clipping is the cutting off of a portion of an element to limit its impact on another part of the model, typically the clip rectangle. This concept applies to many aspects of graphics, including line, polygon, and text clipping.

Clipped words: apocope and initial, according to the Journal of English Lexicology.

There are several types of clipping, but all involve shortening a word or phrase to make it easier to understand and convey the intended meaning of a professional clipping path service. Examples include info for information, gas for gasoline, and chute for a parachute.

Abbreviations and contractions are also often clipped, for example, that’s instead of that.

When it comes to clipped audio, the wisdom on how much headroom to leave varies among listeners and producers. It’s a good idea to use your ears and trust your instincts when it comes to deciding what a mix should sound like.

Generally, it’s easy to prevent digital clipping by using high-quality DSP and keeping your mix buss at a low level, usually below 0 dBFS or slightly higher. Some DAWs also support 32-bit float processing, which is designed to give you more headroom than 16-bit processes, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to deal with clipping once the material leaves your DAW.

Clipping is an essential part of rendering a video game scene; it allows players to bypass certain parts of the game’s collision detection and move through a door they would otherwise be blocked from passing through. It’s also a common technique in speedrunning, when the goal is to bypass certain portions of the game’s content.

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