What is it Like Being a Tree Surgeon?

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As a tree surgeon, you’ll often be asked to remove or prune trees safely. This work can be dangerous, and a qualified tree surgeon must have the proper training and equipment to complete the task safely. Tree surgeons must also carry current public liability insurance. This type of insurance will protect you and your clients in case of an accident. Unfortunately, some dodgy tree surgeons may try to avoid paying this insurance by presenting a cover that doesn’t cover them.

What is it Like Being a Tree Surgeon?

The working hours of a tree surgeon are long and intense, with an average of 41 hours per week. The hours can change based on the season and the weather, and weekend work is often required. The result is also physically demanding, with a high exposure to the elements and heavy machinery.

What is it Like Being a Tree Surgeon?

A tree surgeon is trained to use heavy and specialized equipment to climb and cut trees safely. A typical tree surgeon doncaster works forty hours a week, although some may work longer or shorter hours depending on the season and the weather. Tree surgeons are typically required to work in extreme weather, and some work overtime to compensate.

While there are numerous advantages to being a tree surgeon, this occupation is brutal. Tree surgeons must be physically fit because they’ll be climbing trees and operating heavy machinery at a high height. They must also have excellent communication and teamwork skills to ensure their safety. Eating a healthy diet is also essential to stay healthy and fit.

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