Supplements For Dogs With Vomiting

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Vomiting usually involves muscles contracting, which can irritate the intestinal lining. This triggers the brain to send a signal that makes your dog vomit up whatever is in his stomach or intestines.

Normal vomit is a mixture of water, food, bile and possibly a little blood. To help prevent dehydration, give your pet electrolyte rehydration sachets.


Dogs are resilient animals and they play a huge part in our daily lives. However, they can get sick just like humans and may need a little help overcoming nausea.

A few drops of peppermint tincture in a cup of lukewarm water given to dogs at the first sign of nausea has been shown to alleviate vomiting and calm the stomach. It is also recommended to offer your pet a bland diet such as boiled chicken, low-fat cottage cheese, tofu or canned tuna. learn more

Many veterinarians recommend acidophilus as a supplement to balance your dog’s gut microbiome and prevent digestive problems. Bernie’s Perfect Poop contains this probiotic and can be mixed into a dog’s food. Another great option is slippery elm, which is available as a tincture and can be added to your dog’s water.


Ginger root, Zingiber officinale, is an ancient tropical plant that has many uses in both traditional Chinese and Western herbal medicine. It is commonly used for anti-nausea and anti-vomiting. It is also an effective anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and circulatory stimulant, and it has been found to reduce heartworm larvae concentration in the blood.

It is also a good dietary supplement for dogs, especially those that experience motion sickness or have trouble digesting fatty foods. Dogs that experience bloat and constipation can benefit from it as well, since it promotes healthy movement of the bowels.

Fresh ginger is easy to add to a pet’s diet by boiling and cooling it, or mixing with wet food. It is also available in dried capsules, powdered form and tea. There are even chews like iHeartDogs Calming Chews that contain ginger root along with other stress-relieving ingredients.


Catnip gives cats a euphoric buzz, but dogs don’t respond to it in the same way. However, this herb has a powerful soothing effect on the nervous system and is great for helping dogs relax before stressful situations such as car rides. It also helps to calm the stomach by acting as a mild sedative and improving digestion. Additionally, it acts as an antiseptic and repels insects.

Aside from supplements, dogs with vomiting can also benefit from a bland diet (like gruel) and a liquid immune stimulant such as Vetri-DMG. Puppies and older dogs can become dehydrated from continuous vomiting, so it’s important to give them fluids often. If your dog’s eyes look glazed over or his gums seem dry, contact your vet immediately.


Inhaling chamomile is an effective herbal remedy for nausea, vomiting and anxiety. This herb is also known to treat stomach pains and diarrhea. Its soothing properties make it a good herb to help your dog relax.

Chamomile contains several chemicals that reduce inflammation and calm the nervous system. It can also be used as a mild sedative. Chamomile can be used orally in the form of a tea, but make sure that the tea is cold.

Some dogs may vomit due to a depleted microbiome or digestive issues. In such cases, kefir or probiotics can help with digestion and relieve vomiting. Slippery elm (Ulmus rubra) is another great herbal supplement that can help with digestive problems and calm the nervous system. It is safe for dogs and can be given as a tincture.

Crab Apple Flower Essence

When vomiting continues for a prolonged period of time, pets need to be replaced with fluids to avoid dehydration. You can offer them Be Well for Dogs which is made with molasses, freshly ground flax and organic sprouted barley to provide potassium and other electrolytes. It also contains dandelion, which stimulates the gallbladder to secrete bile for digesting fats.

Crab apple flower essence remedies animals who feel unclean and will help them to detoxify by restoring their sense of dignity and self-worth. It’s also a great remedy for compulsive grooming and skin conditions where dogs lick or chew themselves.

For pets that regurgitate undigested food, try dandelion tincture or a combination of chamomile, marshmallow root and dandelion. Add these to a little water and mix well. Give 1 tsp for every 15 lbs of body weight.

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