League of Legends Low Rank ADC Guide

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Many players struggle with the ADC role and spend a lot of time in low elo. However, there are some champions that can help you get out of lower tiers very easily.

Jhin is a lane dominant marksman that can snowball games in low elo. He has strong pick potential in the early game and his Blade Whirl (W) makes him a deadly 1v1 hunter.

Master Yi

Master Yi is one of the best ADC champions to play in low rank because of his lethality build, he dishes out massive amounts of true damage while also healing himself and having a good item crate with crit items of the smite tier list. A fed Master Yi can easily snowball against tank champions and even assassins. He can be countered by denying his first reset on a team fight, locking him down with stuns or roots, and avoiding his Q ability unless it’s necessary.

Pray is a legend in his own right with multiple Worlds appearances, including the finals and semi-finals where he was thwarted by the unstoppable SKT T1 superteam. He has a strong laning phase and scales well into the late game with a good wave clear and an amazing ult. However, his lack of initiation tools and self peel makes him less reliable in mid lane. If he had more luck on the international stage he could have gone even further.


With a lot of potential and safe matchups, Tristana is a great ADC for low rank. She can easily carry a game with her crit damage and she has an awesome ability to poke enemy champions. Her bombs are also a great way to zone away champions and she is very good at clearing lane.

She can also easily pick up some cdr items which makes her very strong in late game. Her Q steroid is also pretty cool and it gives her a decent amount of mana sustain, however its execution time is quite long.

Her dps is very good, especially after she reaches her full build. Her crit rate is higher than the average ADC. She can easily rush a crit item like a heart of iron or a crucible of fire and this will increase her dps and allow her to proc the passive more often. This will make her a better late game ADC.


The laning phase is the most crucial to a good League of Legends game, and Ashe is among the champions that are the best for beginners. She’s a marksman that can easily poke enemies to farm, and her ult is one of the most reliable in the game to secure a pentakill.

She’s the most difficult to play, but her late-game payoff is extremely satisfying if you can master her mechanics. She’s also a great champion for fights in the Dragon pit or Baron pit, and she works well with most supports.

Pray is a retired pro player with an international legacy to be proud of, having made multiple Worlds semi-finals and finals. He’s a mechanical genius who could have gone even further in the league had he not been plagued with bad luck. His current team, Griffin, is one of the strongest in the league.


If you want to learn the fundamentals of ADC, Nilah is a great pick. She has a strong laning phase and good late game carry potential. She can also win teamfights by using her Apotheosis (E). You should aim to use it either to cleave enemies or to save yourself from backline dives. She is a good choice for skirmishes around Baron/Dragon Pits.

Riot’s newest champion, Nilah, has some potentially game-changing abilities that might be difficult to balance. Her prospective kit features a passive that amplifies the healing and shielding of nearby allies, which could lead to her being too strong in lower ranks than other long-range ADCs.

However, she is still a great pick for low rank. She has a solid laning phase and good siege potential, especially with Piltover Peacemaker (Q). She also has decent wave clear thanks to her ranged skills and can gank easily on enemy champions with her ult, Ace in the Hole (R). Her build is a bit linear, but you have some flexibility with what runes and items you choose.

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