Is Osteopathy Similar to Physiotherapy?

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Does the answer to this question differ from individual to individual?

Both osteopathy and physiotherapy are highly effective at helping patients recover from injury, but the methods used in each can be slightly different. This makes it important to understand the difference between the two treatments in order to find the best solution for you and your body.

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a type of alternative medicine that works to improve the way your bones, muscles and ligaments work together. Osteopath Beckenham also affects your nervous system, circulation and lymphatic systems. It is based on the idea that your well-being depends on how your bones, muscles and connective tissues function smoothly together.

When should I see an osteopath?

The first thing an osteopath will do is take a full clinical history, asking questions about when and how you have pain, what your general health is like and what other symptoms or problems you have. The clinician will also carry out a physical assessment of your problem.

How does it work?

A therapist will use manual manipulation, stretching and massage to manipulate the structure of the body to treat a specific discomfort. Unlike a physio, an osteopath will look at the whole body to identify the source of the pain and deal with it as a whole, not just a specific part.

The treatment is also accompanied by a wide range of exercises and dietary changes, which can be used to help the patient return to their usual daily activities. This treatment can be especially beneficial if you are suffering from a chronic condition or long-term injury, as it can strengthen the body and ensure that all of your muscles are functioning correctly and working together.

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