How Much Is It To Park In Birmingham?

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If you plan a trip to Birmingham and are concerned about finding parking space, you might consider paying a premium parking service. This service can eliminate the stress of finding a parking spot while giving you easy access to many of the city’s most popular attractions. You can also save money by pre-booking your parking spot online.

How Much Is It To Park In Birmingham?

If you plan to park in downtown Birmingham, you can easily use the ParkMobile app to make payments. The app works with over 4,000 parking meters throughout Birmingham’s downtown area. The app also helps you pay for parking on the street.

How Much Is It To Park In Birmingham?

This service has many advantages, including free on-street parking and the ability to make reservations for sporting events car park birmingham. Another great feature of this service is its ability to send you an alert when your parking session is about to expire so that you can plan.

Another convenient parking option is to park near the airport. Birmingham’s airport is just five miles north of downtown and has over five thousand parking spaces. The airport offers free shuttle services to the terminal, and several off-site parking lots and garages are accessible from the airport.

Birmingham International Airport offers hourly and daily parking at its Airport Parking Deck, located adjacent to the terminal building. You can find over 5,000 short-term parking spaces for just $1 per hour or $24 per day. You can also choose a long-term parking option at the Airport Parking Deck, where rates start at $3.99 per day.

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