How Much Do Flutter Developers Make?

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Flutter is a programming framework that allows developers to build apps for Android, iOS and the web. It’s been around since 2017 and has rapidly gained popularity due to its performance, short development time, consistency between platforms and expanding community support.

The salary of Flutter developers varies by location, years of experience and the skills they possess. It can also be affected by the type of organization you work for.

How much do Flutter developers make?

Generally, larger city IT companies pay more than smaller Flutter Developers Melbourne. However, that may not always be the case.

Career progression: The average salary of Flutter developers increases with each level of experience. The entry-level developer’s salary starts at R23 500, while the junior developer earns an average of R28 059.

Project management: A Flutter developer may lead projects and take responsibility for their success. They may need to understand the project lifecycle and how to use different project management methods and software.

Communication: A Flutter developer may need to communicate with various stakeholders on a project, including end-user clients, administrators, IT professionals or colleagues across departments. They need to be able to explain application design expectations in plain language.

Updates to the software framework: New versions of the Flutter framework are constantly being developed, which requires Flutter developers to keep their skills current. This may include reconfiguring code for specific aspects of the framework, providing improved code for previous sections or adding a new feature.

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