How Many Types of Concrete Work?

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Concrete is one of the most popular construction materials around, used to make everything from driveways and sidewalks to skyrise apartment buildings. But there’s more to working with concrete than just backing up a truck and pouring the stuff. It requires a lot of engineering, planning and testing to get the right concrete mix for the project.

How Many Types of Concrete Work?

Concrete is an artificial composite material that consists of a binder of cement paste and aggregates such as crushed sand, gravel, or rock Concrete walkway contractors Chandler. The sand and rock act as fillers that provide the bulk of the mixture, while the cement acts as the glue to hold the other components together. It can also be reinforced with steel bars to create a stronger building material.

There are several types of concrete work including plain concrete, glass concrete, shotcrete and asphalt concrete. The different types of concrete are designed for specific projects and have varying strengths and properties.

Plain concrete is a type of concrete that does not have high tensile strength and is usually used in pavements. This type of concrete is made by mixing Portland cement with sand and coarse aggregates. It can be mixed with recycled materials like crushed glass, slag and bottom ash to increase the overall quality of the concrete.

Glass concrete is a special type of concrete that is used when the structure needs to have a decorative look. This type of concrete is mixed with cement and then aggregates are added that have a colored or shiny appearance.

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