How Many Clothes Can You Put in the Laundry?

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When it comes to laundry, there are lots of questions about how many clothes you can put in the washer, what the different load sizes mean and whether or not you should cram your clothes. Overloading your washer can lead to poor results and premature wear and tear. It can also damage the machine. This article will help you determine the right size load for your washer, which will prevent your clothes from being damaged and allow it to operate well for a long time.

How Many Clothes Can You Put in the Laundry?

There are many ways to figure out the capacity of your washer, from measuring the tub in kilograms to figuring out its volume or capacity in cubic feet at However, one of the easiest ways is to simply use your hand. When you are ready to wash, place the palm of your hand against the wall of the tub.

If it slips in comfortably, you have the right load size. If you have to struggle to get your hand in there, you are overloading and may be causing premature wear and tear on your washer.

The optimum size for your load will vary depending on what type of fabrics you are washing and how often you do laundry. In general, a small load can contain up to 8 small towels and six lightweight tops. A medium load can contain three shirts, two pairs of pants and two sweaters. A large load can hold up to two sets of sheets, four pairs of socks and five complete sets of apparel or underwear.

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