How Do I Know Which Glasses Suit My Face?

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If you want to buy glasses that match your face shape, here are some pointers to help you find the right pair. Angular frames add depth to your face, while bold-top frames balance features like downturned sides. If you have high cheekbones, a diamond-shaped structure will look great.

Angular frames add dimension and depth.

Angular frames are a great way to add depth and dimension to glasses. They balance out the delicate features of a round face and contrast nicely with the cheekbones and jawline. If you’re on the fence about whether or not these frames are right for round readers, keep in mind that they should fit just above your cheekbones. You can find a great pair of angular frames at Visionworks with their Love What You See Guarantee.

How Do I Know Which Glasses Suit My Face?

Angular frames can also add balance to square faces as a fashion eyecare. These faces are more rounded than other shapes and have evenly shaped foreheads, cheekbones, and jawlines. Because their shape is rounded, they can be complemented with thin frames and don’t add excess weight to your face.

They also sit well on the cheekbones. Heart-shaped faces are the widest at the forehead and narrow down gradually through the cheekbones. This gentle curve makes angular shapes especially flattering for a round face.

Round and square faces often have a similar shape and can wear almost any style of glasses. However, angular frames will add an element of balance to a round face. They are also very versatile and can complement any look. Small angular frames may even make a rounded face appear longer.

Bold-top frames balance downturned features.

Bold-top frames balance downturned features by elongating the face and drawing attention away from the jawline. If you have a triangular face, bold-top frames can draw the eye upward. Oval faces, on the other hand, are the most common shape and have the largest variety of frame shapes. Choose frames that balance your naturally soft angles and emphasize your strong features.

Bold-top frames look great with high cheekbones.

If you have high cheekbones, you can choose bold-top frames that elongate your face and draw attention away from your jawline. On the other hand, if your face is triangular, you should avoid frames with a sharp point or shape and choose frames with a wider top than the widest part of your face. You also want to avoid frames that infringe too much on your eyes or chin.

Choosing the perfect pair of glasses for your face shape can be difficult, but remember to stick with the shapes you already know work best for your features. A wide-rimmed or semi-rimmed frame will look great on a rounded or oval face. You can also try a bold-top frame if you have a broad front.

If you have high cheekbones, you can try round or rectangular frames. This shape accentuates the cheekbones and makes a face appear longer and wider. Likewise, a pair of glasses with a contrasting temple design will help soften your high cheekbones.

Bold-top frames are best for diamond-shaped faces.

A diamond-shaped face is one of the rarest face shapes. Full cheeks and a narrow jawline characterize the diamond shape. It also has a prominent brow line and is often accentuated by angular frames. Choose rimless and oval frames with strong brow lines to enhance the diamond face’s unique features.

Diamond faces are incredibly elegant, symmetrical, and dramatic. They are marked by a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones, and robust features at the center of the face. Because of their striking angular features, choosing eyeglasses with angular shapes is easier than selecting eyeglasses with rounded frames.

A square face has an equally sized forehead and chin. Choose bottom-heavy frames or wider at the bottom to balance out this shape. This will help soften the angular features. Acetate frames will help soften the edges if your square face is particularly round. Opt for light-colored frames that will not obscure your features.

To accentuate your browline and soften the angularity of your diamond-shaped face, choose frames with a dark or bold-colored top portion. Alternatively, if you want to soften the sharpness of your cheekbones, try a vintage-inspired browline frame. The frame is adorned with angular elements made from a gold or silver alloy.

Round, oval, and cat eyeglasses are the best for diamond-shaped faces. They soften the diamond-shaped face’s angular features and are flattering to both men and women. However, aviator frames are a great choice for diamond-shaped faces. Aviator glasses, for example, are widely-used and add a unique flair to any casual or formal ensemble.

Bold-top frames are best for round faces.

Round faces have delicate features that contrast beautifully with bold frames. They can also benefit from a strong, angular shape. Round faces can wear a variety of frame shapes but are usually best complemented by bold-top edges. These styles include square, rectangular, wayfarer, and oversized frames.

Choosing the right frame shape depends on several factors, but arguably the most important is your sense of style. The fashion rules for face shapes make the process easier, but your unique style should guide your choice. Bold-top frames are the best choice for round faces unless you have a particularly flat look, so you should consider a more angular frame.

The best glasses frame shapes for round faces play off the gentle curves of the face with strong lines and defined angles. This complementary combination of shapes is fun to identify with. Rectangular frames are a great choice for men with round faces, as their angles and width offset the curves of the face. They are also versatile and go well with both informal and formal outfits.

Round faces are ideal for bold-top frames, while slim frames best compliment square looks. Frames can also complement round faces with sharp edges. A bold-top frame above the cheekbones can help sharpen a round face’s features.

Bold-top frames are best for heart-shaped faces.

People with heart-shaped faces tend to have narrow, high cheekbones, a prominent forehead, and a narrow chin. The best frames to wear with this face shape are ones that are wider at the top than at the bottom. Bold, light-colored frames with a round design are ideal.

If your face is oval, you can wear nearly any frame style. They are proportionate and generally flatter than most face shapes. However, when choosing frames, remember that they should be at least as wide as the widest part of your face. This will help your glasses look longer and more balanced.

A heart-shaped face is best complemented with bold-top frames. Aviator, cat-eye, and D-frame styles fit this shape well. If you have an oval-shaped face, you can try aviator, D-frame, and cat-eye styles. If you have a round face, try square or rectangular shapes to add angles and width to your face.

A heart-shaped face is also a popular frame choice. It is mathematically beautiful and generally lends itself to a youthful aura. Most heart-shaped faces have high cheekbones and wide brows. Fortunately, they can pull off a variety of frame styles. Bold-top frames have a wider base than the customer’s forehead, making them more flattering for the heart-shaped face.

Heart-shaped faces can wear almost any type of sunglasses, including tortoiseshell and acetate, and can even wear prescription glasses.

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