How Do I Claim My Free Gift on Binance?

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Whether you are sending a crypto gift to a friend or family member or celebrating a special occasion, Binance Gift Cards offer a hassle-free and enjoyable way to gift crypto. These gift cards are available for non-Binance users. You can send crypto gift cards through Binance’s app and customize them with a thoughtful message. If you are sending the gift to a Binance user, you can send the gift card with your referral link. You can also send a gift card through email.

How Do I Claim My Free Gift on Binance?

You can redeem the Binance gift card through the Binance app or website. The Gift Card has a limit of 5 BUSD. You can convert the gift card into different fiat currencies or convert it to crypto. Once you have redeemed the Gift Card, the crypto will be transferred into your Binance funding wallet. You can then spend your crypto with ease.

How do I claim my free gift on Binance

Binance Gift Cards have a unique Mystery Box feature that allows you to send crypto to anyone. You can send any amount of crypto to your friend or family member’s binance referral id bonus, which will be credited to their Binance funding wallet. If they don’t have an account with Binance, you can also send them a referral link that will allow them to create an account.

You can earn commissions for each successful referral. If you create a Binance account for your referral, they will receive a voucher worth three BUSD. Alternatively, you can send them a Gift Card and ask them to use the referral link to register for an account.

You can also participate in Binance Gift Card Mystery Box campaign. The campaign has a participation period, and there are only a few grand prize winners. You can get a full participation fee back by claiming your rewards within the claim period. You can redeem your participation fee multiple times, as well.

Once you have completed the identity verification process, you can redeem your Gift Card. You can get your referral’s referral ID from the URL. You can also send your referral link through email or text message.

Once you have redeemed the Binance Gift Card, you can convert it to fiat. You can also use it to send crypto to other Binance users. The gift card can be sent to a friend or family member and they can use the code to redeem the crypto. You can also send a gift card to a non-Binance user and re-gift the crypto. The Gift Card has no expiry date.

If you want to participate in Binance Gift Card Mystery Box campaign, you must pay an entry fee. You can redeem the full participation fee, or you can get a multiplier to allow you to redeem multiple times. This will allow you to earn a bonus for each successful referral. You can also earn an additional reward if you are a Binance Community Member.

If you want to participate in Binance’s Mystery Box campaign, you can do so from the Binance Gift Card Marketplace. You can participate in the campaign until 2022-11-15 (UTC). There are only a few grand prize winners.

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