How Big is a 2 Yard Skip?

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There are many different skip sizes available to choose from. Some are more suited to certain types of waste than others.

A 2 yard skip, also known as a mini skip is perfect for small household waste removals. It can hold up to 25 bin bags of rubbish.

A midi skip, or 4-yard skip is ideal for modest garden tasks like clearing out a shed or performing less intensive labour.


A 2 yard skip, also known as a mini skip, is one of the smallest and cheapest types of skip available. It is perfect for small waste disposal projects such as garden clearances and DIY home improvement projects. This size of skip can fit roughly 20 bin bags of waste.

The 4-yard skip is a popular choice for residential waste as it can hold the same amount of rubbish as an Ansawdd Skip Hire Swansea but takes up less space. This makes it easier to get a skip permit for your property and is more convenient for those with a limited driveway or road space.

If you’re unsure about which skip is the best for your job, check out our easy skip size guide to help you choose the right size. Our guide will provide you with information about each skip size, their dimensions, and the type of waste they can hold. It also outlines what kinds of items are prohibited from being placed in the skip.


A two-yard skip is the smallest skip size that DS Waste offers. It’s ideal for a small garden waste collection or disposing of old pieces of furniture. It’s also the cheapest option for anyone looking to clear their home or office of unwanted items.

A 2 yard skip has a capacity of approximately 20 bin bags worth of rubbish. These little skips are popular with domestic customers, especially for small garden waste disposal tasks and simple DIY projects.

For more serious rubbish removal projects, a four or six-yard skip might be more suitable. They’re also more affordable and can be used for on-road placement, if you live in an area with council restrictions. It’s important to remember that skips can be very heavy when full, and it’s not a good idea to fill them to the top. If this happens, the lorry may have difficulty lifting it up and it could cause damage to driveways or roads.


Typically, skips placed on the public highway require a permit. This is why it’s recommended that you use a driveway or private land for your skip if possible. If you need to place a skip on the road, check with your local council to see how much it costs for a skip permit.

The smallest type of skip DS Waste offers, mini skips are perfect for small household waste disposal projects. They hold up to 20-30 black bin bags worth of rubbish, and can be fitted in tight spaces around your property without blocking driveways or pathways.

Our midi-sized skips are popular with kitchen & bathroom refits, house clearances and garden / builders waste removal. They can also hold heavy waste such as rubble, sand, cement and soil. They are not suitable for hazardous materials such as fridges, asbestos, liquids and tyres which can be disposed of separately. This is due to health and safety reasons.


The cost of hiring a skip varies depending on your waste disposal needs. 2 yard skips are the smallest size available and are often cheaper to hire than larger ones. They are ideal for small domestic projects, such as a garden clearance or DIY project. They can hold up to 20 bin bags worth of waste.

If you don’t have the space for a skip, you can also use a man and van rubbish removal service. This option is a more affordable and environmentally friendly alternative.

The 4 and 6 yard skips are better suited for larger household waste removal projects. They can accommodate heavier materials such as rubble, soil, and bricks. They are also suitable for large commercial waste streams. However, it is important to estimate the amount of waste that you will have before deciding on a skip size. If you overestimate your rubbish, it will be expensive to pay for an extra space that you won’t need.

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