Do Hammer Curls Work?

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Hammer curls are an effective exercise to build muscle in the upper arms. They increase the strength of your curling muscles and are an excellent alternative to the traditional biceps curl. In addition, hammer curls can burn fat while building muscle. However, you should know that hammer curls require a little technique to reap the benefits.

Do Hammer Curls Work?

Hammer curls work both the biceps and the triceps and provide a complete arm workout. However, hammer curls do not work the shoulder muscles, unlike other exercises. The movement of the hammer curl is based on the flexion of the elbow. You should avoid using other muscles to help you perform the exercise because they take your focus off the biceps.

Do Hammer Curls Work?

Hammer curls are more challenging when performed with heavier weights. You can do them with resistance bands, cable machines, and dumbbells losing 10 pounds. You can also perform them while sitting on a preacher’s bench. To maximize your results, do three to four sets of hammer curls using a medium weight and do ten to twelve reps.

The brachialis is the muscle in the forearm that makes the biceps appear wider when viewed from the front. By working the brachialis, you increase the thickness of your forearm. The brachioradialis, located on the forearm’s thumb side, also becomes active when your biceps are weak.

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