What Are The Big 5 of Ad Agencies?

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The “big five” of ad agencies are the American, New York-based Omnicom Group; Parisian megacompany Publicis Groupe; Japanese international advertising and media services firm Dentsu; and American corporate communications and marketing holding company Interpublic Group (IPG). With annual revenues of $15 billion, Omnicom Group is one of the largest ad agency companies in the world.

These ad firms focus on marketing tactics that have a built-in way for consumers to respond to your brand or product. This includes direct response, digital and new media, and branding.

What is the big 5 of ad agencies?

According to digital marketing agency Atlanta, they develop ad campaigns that sell your brand or products to your target audience. They typically create a campaign with a creative team that meets with clients to understand their business and its goals.

The ad agency will then use these insights to design and create unique and attractive ads. The agency will then place these ads in the appropriate outlets to maximize exposure and reach.

This process is called media planning and buying and involves deciding on the best outlets for advertising (TV, radio, print, etc.) and the times and frequency in which these ads will be shown. It also involves negotiating with media owners for the most cost-effective rates.


While the big five ad agencies are still the most profitable in the industry, they face increased direct competition from consultancies and technology companies. Some brands are choosing to take their media-buying skills in-house.

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