Transmission Damage When Towing a Car

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When towing a car, it is best to take it easy and avoid doing too much damage. However, if you do have to tow a vehicle, you should be aware that there is a chance that towing your car with an automatic transmission can result in transmission damage. Inexperienced towing operators are a potential cause of transmission damage and can cause the transmission to break down or become unusable.

Transmission Damage When Towing a Car

A common practice is to put the car in neutral before towing. This will allow the transmission to circulate oil and prevent damage. It is also safer than starting a car in neutral, but you should always tow a vehicle with a dolly commercial towing. If you want to tow a vehicle with an automatic transmission, disconnect the driveshaft and put the car in neutral first.

Transmission Damage When Towing a Car

A car with a manual transmission is recommended for towing. However, many truck models are automatic semi truck towing. Consider getting a manual one if you have a truck that uses an automatic transmission.

You must monitor your acceleration and brakes even if you own a manual. Even if you have an automatic transmission, try not to use cruise control and monitor the acceleration and brakes.

If you need to tow your car without a dolly, follow the owner’s manual. Some cars can seriously damage their transmission if they aren’t towed correctly. If you cannot get a dolly, you should avoid towing your car more than 50 miles, as this is the safest distance for the gears and bearings.

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